So you have a product idea and maybe even some prototypes. What are you going to call it? You want something catchy and memorable and easy to pronounce. Do you want to describe the product with the name? Is the name something you want to trademark? Is the name already taken? Would it make a good name for a website? These are the kinds of things you have to consider when creating a new product. And these are decisions that could have great value should your product or idea become accepted in the marketplace. Trademarks, patents and copyrighted material all fall under the category of “intellectual property” and for some companies intellectual property is their most valued asset. Think about it – how much is the word “Coke” worth? Probably billions of dollars.

Sometimes the first name you come up with is the best but you should still test it against as many ideas as you can think of. The name “ChopSaver” beat out several other names. At one time we had dozens of them. A few favorites of mine were: ParaLips, Lip Tuner, ChopCare and Lip Lift. But we kept coming back to ChopSaver. It’s true; the name is a little “music-y” both most people understand that “chops” is not just “musician” slang as in, “I’m gonna bust him in the chops!” So if your “chops get busted” for any reason, grab some ChopSaver!