A great product needs Grade A ingredients

One trumpet player’s obsession means healthy, beautiful lips for you! He started with Aloe, Avocado, and Arnica, but he didn’t stop there.

Medically Proven, Naturally Effective

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"ChopSaver is the best lip balm I have ever tried, and my patients agree! Outstanding product!"

Jo Bohannon-Grant, MD
Midlothian, VA
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"It’s perfect on camera, as the matte finish works beautifully with no shine, no drying and lasts longer than any other product. There's nothing else on the market like it!"

Deirdre Lovejoy
Broadway, Film, and TV star
(The Wire, The Blacklist)
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"I would still be dealing with my little girl’s bleeding and cracking lips if it weren't for your amazing product. I don't cry because of her lips anymore thanks to ChopSaver!"

Joy Person
Olympia, WA
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"I want to thank you for developing an excellent product! We recommend it to every patient we see."

Jason B. Van Ittersum, MD
Norton Shores, MI
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"My family won’t use anything else. There’s nothing I trust more than ChopSaver and my kids love it!"

Jennifer M.
Los Angeles, CA
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"Love this stuff! As a flight attendant, my lips are constantly dry. ChopSaver works amazingly!"

Suzanne Shafer
Indianapolis, IN
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"I tried many products and had given up trying to find one. ChopSaver changed my mind. Whether I’m playing the trombone or seeing the world, ChopSaver is always right there with me!"

Pete Ellefson
Professor of Music
Indiana University
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"This lip balm truly is a game changer! I love that it’s long lasting so I don’t have to keep reapplying. It does wonders for chapped lips. Got complimented on my lipstick at a gala and it was just ChopSaver! Thank you for creating such a superb product!"

Mandi M.
Glenrock, WY
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"When we’re on the high seas, my mates and I are never without ChopSaver! There’s nothing better in the harsh elements that we deal with."

Rick Graef
Chicago, IL
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"My patients love ChopSaver! Phenomenal product!"

Evan Schlam, MD
Plantation, FL
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