There are literally thousands of lip care products on the market. What made me think the world needed one more? Despite all those other options, as I developed the formula for what would become ChopSaver, a quick survey of my musician friends told me that very few, if any, of the other products actually addressed the needs of musicians. No one could agree on any one product that really worked. When you play a brass or woodwind instrument, your lips can become swollen and even painful during periods of extreme performance or practice. Chapped lips can wreak havoc on your ability to produce a good sound on a consistent basis. The all-natural moisturizers in ChopSaver keep the surface of the lips predictable and reliable. The herbs help speed up the recovery process after a long day of playing.

If it’s so special for musicians, why would a non-musician use ChopSaver? Well, because of its unique formula, it just feels better and lasts longer than other products whether you play an instrument or not. Dry or chapped lip problems can happen to anyone. Sometimes the cause is extreme weather conditions or the side effects of drugs and medications. This is especially true with drugs such as isotretinoin, commonly referred to as ACCUTANE®. These drugs are used to treat severe acne but there are hundreds of other drugs that list dry mouth and lips as a side effect. With ChopSaver, these issues are much easier to manage and we have the doctor testimonials to prove it!

There are many examples of products that were designed for a small group of people and went on to become used in the mass market. Happily for us, and our satisfied customers, ChopSaver is another great example of that phenomenon.