Anyone who runs a successful business will tell you it takes hard work, tenacity, patience and a little luck. I believe the luck is often a happy result of the first three items on that list. In other words, you often create your own good breaks.

One such example is how we were able to attract Sir James Galway, the world famous classical flutist, to be a ChopSaver endorser. Several years ago, Sir James was playing a concert with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. My wife, a violinist, was playing in the orchestra. I had hoped to somehow meet him and give him some samples of my new product. As it turns out, that couldn’t be arranged so we had some samples and a letter delivered to his dressing room and hoped for the best.

Months went by. We never heard a word from him or his agent. So I forgot about it. Then one day I received an email from a colleague that simply said, “Sir James Galway”. I replied and said “What about him?” The person wrote back and said, “There is a video on his website and he is endorsing your product. Here is the link.”

I was stunned. I clicked on the link. And there it was. Right after he discussed a new book he had just read, he held up a little green tube to the camera and said in his thick Irish brogue, “this…is a ChopSaver!” And he then continues with a short, but very positive review of my product. He never contacted me or asked for any endorsement fee. It was just a simple, unsolicited testimonial from one of the most famous classical musicians of all time. We have since met and thanked him many times. So was it just luck? Perhaps. But if we hadn’t reached out somehow and given it a shot, nothing would have happened. That’s one way to increase your odds!