OK, so by now you are getting the idea that ChopSaver is full of really good stuff. I could continue to write about each and every ingredient and why they are in there, but that would be a little bit like Coca-Cola giving away their formula, wouldn’t it? Or Kentucky Fried Chicken (oh – sorry! KFC for those too young to remember Colonel Sanders!) listing all 11 herbs and spices. The fact is you can read each ingredient right there on every package of ChopSaver lip balm. We do that so people with allergies will know exactly what they are putting on their lips. A lot of thought, research and experimentation went into my desire to create the best all-natural lip balm you can buy.

Natural moisturizers.

You should know that every ingredient in ChopSaver serves a purpose. Those purposes are to feel good when you put it on and to make your lips feel better for a long time without having to re-apply it (the natural moisturizers), to actually soothe and heal any damage (the herbs) and to smell good (the citrus oils). Just that simple. Nothing artificial or hard to pronounce. ChopSaver contains no preservatives, no petroleum products and no alcohol. It is also gluten-free and contains no animal products other than high grade beeswax.

I like to call it a very efficient formula. Nothing is wasted. Everything in there does something to help your lips feel better. And it will keep doing that thing you love longer than any product on the market!