OK, so what do we mean when we say ChopSaver is “all-natural?” When describing our product, we often compare it to petroleum-based products. I turns out there is some debate about where petroleum actually came from and the “dead dinosaurs” thing is pretty much a myth. (Try Googling: “Does oil come from dead dinosaurs?” for some interesting reading.) But if we agree with the many scientists who say oil did start as organic matter, than you could say that oil is “natural.” However, petroleum has gone through some drastic changes from its plant origins over millions of years, assuming you subscribe to that theory.

A good way of thinking of “all-natural” is to say “plant based with little or no change in the basic ingredient.” Yes, that’s a mouthful. But with a product like ChopSaver we’re talking about two basic components – natural moisturizers or emollients (things like shea butter, mango butter, aloe and avocado oil) and plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes (such as arnica, calendula, comfrey and white willow) known collectively as herbs.

In the coming weeks, we will examine every single ingredient in ChopSaver and discuss why it’s in there. In the meantime, take some Vaseline and rub it between your fingers. Then find some shea butter (any health food store should have some) and do the same thing. Then ask yourself which one feels better. I thought so!

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