How Dan Created the ChopSaver Jingle

In this video, Dan Gosling talks about how companies use music to strengthen their brand. He also explains what motivated him to create the jingle for ChopSaver Lip Care. His inability to obtain the rights to the old classic “Holiday for Strings” helped him create an iconic tune of his own. (Spoiler alert: If you […]

Another all natural ingredient in ChopSaver; Calendula

Let’s talk about some of the other things that make ChopSaver unique. Mind you this all started in 2004 and I have always been grateful that I live in the age of Google! Between my computer, a few nearby health food stores and a local herbalist I knew, I learned as much as I could […]

A Sunflower and Butter from a Tree

It all started with arnica – the ingredient that first inspired the creation of ChopSaver. Belonging to the sunflower family, Arnica Montana (or just simply arnica) is an herb that has been used by Europeans and Native Americans for centuries for bruising and swelling and is often recommended by medical doctors before and after surgery.It is also […]

What Does All-Natural Lip Balm Mean?

OK, so what do we mean when we say ChopSaver is “all-natural?” When describing our product, we often compare it to petroleum-based products. I turns out there is some debate about where petroleum actually came from and the “dead dinosaurs” thing is pretty much a myth. (Try Googling: “Does oil come from dead dinosaurs?” for […]