ChopSaver Lip Balm; A Few Things Around the House

ChopSaver was created in my kitchen so it may not surprise you to know that a few of the ingredients are commonly found in a typical household. One of those is avocado oil. Truth be told, the first “kitchen oil” I tried was olive oil. I decided I wanted something a little more exotic. As […]

Another all natural ingredient in ChopSaver; Calendula

Let’s talk about some of the other things that make ChopSaver unique. Mind you this all started in 2004 and I have always been grateful that I live in the age of Google! Between my computer, a few nearby health food stores and a local herbalist I knew, I learned as much as I could […]

What Does All-Natural Lip Balm Mean?

OK, so what do we mean when we say ChopSaver is “all-natural?” When describing our product, we often compare it to petroleum-based products. I turns out there is some debate about where petroleum actually came from and the “dead dinosaurs” thing is pretty much a myth. (Try Googling: “Does oil come from dead dinosaurs?” for […]