One of the most gratifying aspect of running a business like ChopSaver is helping people of all musical levels enjoy their music making a little more. But when we say the greatest musicians in the world use ChopSaver, we have the pictures to prove it and here are two fantastic examples!

This is Ronald Romm and Mike Vax. They were both members of two of the most iconic musical ensembles ever to perform. Ron was a founding member of The Canadian Brass and Mike was Lead Trumpet with The Stan Kenton Orchestra and still leads The Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra. Recently, they decided to record together and you can keep up with their new project “Collaborations” here.

This amazing photo was taken after a recent performance of Gustav Holst’s massive orchestral work “The Planets“ by the Grand Teton Festival Orchestra. The Grand Teton Music Festival is yet another example of how great musicians love to collaborate. This orchestra is comprised of musicians from world-class cities, orchestras and universities all over North America and other countries. They come to Jackson Hole, WY for seven weeks of wonderful music and to live in a beautiful summer setting away from their regular gigs.

The Grand Teton Music Festival

From left to right, they are:
Paul Straka (Horn – Minneapolis), Karl Pituch (Principal Horn – Detroit Symphony Orchestra), Mark Inouye (Principal Trumpet – San Francisco Symphony Orchestra), Charles Daval (Trumpet – University of Illinois), Jennifer Marotta (Trumpet – Los Angeles), Thomas Hooten (Principal Trumpet – Los Angeles Philharmonic), Gabrielle Webster (Horn – Chicago), Michael Mulcahy (Trombone – Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Craig Mulcahy (Principal Trombone – National Symphony Orchestra), Nancy Goodearl (Horn – Houston Symphony Orchestra), Jared Rodin (Trombone – Indianapolis), Robert Lauver (Horn – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra), Gail Williams (Horn – Northwestern University), Larry Zalkind (Euphonium – Eastman School of Music), Craig Knox (Tuba – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)

It is hot and dry in the mountains, so ChopSaver does come in handy!

While my own musical career has enabled me to learn from and perform with some wonderful artists, ChopSaver has allowed me to get to know even more incredible musicians I would not otherwise have had the chance to meet, let alone actually have even a small influence on their careers.