(Post updated – Mar 2021)
With well over 1,000,000 views now on YouTube and Facebook combined, the “flying instruments” video caused quite a stir, especially in the band community. Here is some “behind the scenes” info on how we did it.

Yes, I am tossing band instruments while explaining what ChopSaver  is and who it is for. I also attempt to play each instrument which is  pretty hilarious given the fact I am only trained on one of them  (trumpet) and I have about one second in which to do it!

I also explain why ChopSaver is so different, so we decided to toss  some of the ingredients into a bowl, much like I did when I actually  invented the formula – without actually throwing them! ChopSaver is full of great natural ingredients, but we didn’t have time to show them all,  so we highlighted a few of the major ones and things that would  “look good” on camera! So that’s why you see things like shea butter, aloe and avocados flying around, along with a bunch of citrus fruits.

A few other factoids:

  • The idea came to me while mowing my lawn, so it’s only fitting that’s where we filmed it.
  • The concept, script and music was all created by me with HUGE assistance from my son and nephew. They also helped with the throwing and catching as well as all post-production and editing.
  • As we say, no instruments were harmed during the production of the video. 
  • A special shout out to Paige’s Music for providing some well-used
    instruments that could handle a drop, should that horrible event occur! (Paige’s was also our very first retailer!)
  • Yes, we did practice a lot before actually shooting the video,
    as any good musician would!
  • Yes, we do have some hilarious “out takes” and we will have a
    blooper/gag reel out soon.
  • More HUGE thanks to Tony Kniffen, Principal Tubist with the
    Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for the use of his vintage Conn Sousaphone, John Fleck for filming, and my amazing wife Noelle, for putting up with all of this craziness and taking these great “backstage” shots!

Dan work with people

Dan with boys

Dan Enjoy with a boy

Dan with people

While we had a blast (literally) making this video, we have enjoyed even more reading the comments and reactions on Facebook and YouTube. Here are some of our favorites:

“This video gave me a HEART ATTACK. You can’t just THROW THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF INSTRUMENTS OUT OF FRAME AND HOPE SOMEONE CATCHES THEM GOOD LORD. This is actually a really clever marketing move though bc I am not going to forget about this video ever in my life. And maaaannn, I could use this stuff.”

“I watched this ad and nearly had a heart attack, until I saw the notice at the end! Awesome commercial! It was quite humorous watching the attempt at playing flute since I play flute myself!”

“Amazing advertisement. I never use chapstick or anything on my lips, and I play my euphonium 5-7 days a week. Now I’m sold on this, thanks!”

“Gotta be the best youtube commercial I’ve seen…thanks for making my day!!”

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