So several years ago, I set out to create a lip care product for trumpet players and, by extension, all brass musicians. Soon after I started formulating, it was brought to my attention that woodwind players would be equally interested. Before ChopSaver even hit the market, our market expanded two-fold.

I am always gratified to hear about how much ChopSaver has helped my fellow musicians. But I never dreamed that medical professionals would come to choose ChopSaver as their preferred brand of lip care as well. It started with dermatologists. They appreciate ChopSaver’s durability and its healing properties based on natural and organic ingredients like Arnica. It is especially effective for patients who are taking isotretinoin, a drug used for severe acne. Now, those same healing affects are being enjoyed by cancer patients as they deal with the drying side effects of their medical treatments.

We get comments and testimonials on a regular basis from both cancer patients and their care givers, and in many ways, that is more gratifying than helping a musician perform better.

Hearing stories from a patient is great, but our connection to the cancer fighting world has recently been strengthened by our new alignment with a wonderful organization called Imerman Angels.


Imerman Angels is a network of cancer survivors who are paying it forward by mentoring and assisting current cancer fighters. You can read more about founder Jonny Imerman and his remarkable story here. Imerman Angels has officially adopted ChopSaver as their lip balm of choice for the thousands of mentors they have trained around the world and we couldn’t be more proud!

Seeing a great idea spread way beyond your original intent is a sure sign that that idea was meant to come to life.