The famous “Flying Instruments Video” (viewable on our homepage) has now been watched nearly 3 million times on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! And the reaction continues to be fantastic. But what people really want to know is “How did you do it?” and “Where are the bloopers and outtakes?” The question about how we did it was answered in an earlier post and you can read it here.

But thanks to my son and editor-in-chief Anthony, some hilarious “practice runs” were recently discovered, footage that we had almost forgotten about! We are so glad that we found it so everyone can share in the fun. So, without further delay, here are some of the funniest scenes from the making of “The Flying Instruments Video.” You can also see it on our home page as it runs immediately after the first video.

As we say, no instruments were harmed during the production of the video. We managed to not drop any instruments except for the slide whistle, but even it was unharmed in the process. The product itself and the ingredients were a different story, as you will see. Enjoy and please share!