I received a text from my dear friend, Gregory Zarian, a few days ago. Gregory happens to be a very busy actor/model in Los Angeles and a huge ChopSaver fan and supporter. But, like all of us, he is devastated by the destruction that the California fires are causing and, as a Southern California resident, he is living through it.

The text simply said, “Hi guys, wanna talk about chopsaver and the fire fighters here…”

Dan with boxes Chop Saver box

When we finally spoke, Gregory talked about all of the horrible conditions, and we agreed those are the absolute worst conditions for lips. So, while I know it’s a small thing in the context of the fires, we wanted to help the firefighters take care of their lips while they take care of everyone else.

Normally, it is difficult for a small company to make large donations for something as massive as the current fire situation. But, as it turns out, we had some product that was coming up on an expiration date and was not going to be sellable. But we knew the product was still effective and safe to use. Within a few days and with Gregory’s help, we made contact with the proper authorities at The American Red Cross. They were thrilled to learn that we had over 7,000 tubes of ChopSaver with SPF 15 ready to donate to their brave fire fighters and first responders. It was a classic win-win and we are so proud and happy to know that all of that product will be put to immediate use.