At this time of year in this part of the world, we are reminded to give thanks. I certainly have a long list of things that I am grateful for. I’m sure many of the things on my list are similar to yours and let me say straight away that my life would be pretty miserable without the love and support of my wife and son and my extended family. And experiencing the loss of a loved one way too early in life always brings just the basics of health and wellness close to mind.

While these feelings of gratitude are meaningful and sincere, love of family is not unique to me, and that is a good thing. So let me also note the things for which I am uniquely grateful, because they represent things on my journey that others may never experience. I encourage you to make similar list to remind you of the things that contribute to your unique place in the world.

I am fortunate to have made my living in the arts performing great works with amazing ensembles in a variety of settings.

I am grateful for the idea of ChopSaver and for the tenacity with which I have pursued my mission of creating a decidedly better option for lip care.

I am grateful that so many have found the product to be so helpful, whether they play an instrument or not.

I am grateful for all the people along the way who have encouraged and advised me at every turn. Whether a timely piece of advice or a financial investment, all have been needed at various times along the way.

And finally (for now), having just finished another appearance at the Bands of America Grand National Marching Band Championships, I am grateful that so many young people are learning the values of discipline and team work while enjoying making music at the same time. Every year, I meet respectful, hardworking young men and woman and the families that support them. I am reminded how both the product AND the story behind it seems to entertain, amuse and inspire, especially young people. I take this part of my business very seriously as it is allowing me to touch people in ways I never could by just playing the trumpet, as wonderful as that may be.

Dan with his users

Dan with students

Band Members

So, to all who have tried ChopSaver, who have purchased a tube, or recommended it to a friend, I extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude, on this holiday and every day.