image002Recently, tuba virtuosi and music industry giants Patrick Sheridan ( and Sam Pilafian ( caught up with Choppy the ChopSaver at the University of Illinois Marching Band Championship. In a hard hitting, 3 part interview, Choppy covered a wide variety of topics including the benefits of organic ingredients, marching band drill and global warming. A transcript is below to aid with hard to hear segments. View Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 3

Pat – Thank you so much for being here with us again! You know, I was thinking a lot about your stance on Big Oil and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about, you know, farming! And how you feel, you know, sort of the ideal situation for farming.

Choppy responds

Sam – The whole world…needs to gather…harvest!

Pat – I got it! I got it! Good – I understand, completely. So this is why, in ChopSaver, there’s loads of organic, certified organic products. (Announcer speaks) That’s awesome. I get it! So basically…that’s your make up. It’s literally what you’re made of!

Sam- It’s where you’re coming from! I like it!

Pat – Wow, you’re most welcome, you’re most welcome. Thank YOU! Thank you Choppy, for being here today! And making us feel, you know, tender in our lips and in our hearts. For everything you stand for.

Sam – It’s like having a lip massage from a three fingered masseuse! Something special about that! You’re very animated when you get done with that, every time! Amazing!

Pat – (Announces next band) I, during the prep for this wonderful band, am going to put on my 4th application of the day – first time in my life, today – of ChopSaver. And I gotta tell you, the kissing booth is open, folks! So come on down to Memorial Stadium for something more “memorial” than me sticking this on my lips, but maybe I could put some of this on your lips! I don’t know about that, but something about Choppy that makes me act like this. I don’t know what it is! Should we get ready now for this fine marching band that’s on the field from Collinsville? We want to thank Bobby Wright for bringing your band and we want to thank Dan Gosling for his creation, Choppy the ChopSaver!

View Part 1 here.

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