image002Recently, tuba virtuosi and music industry giants Patrick Sheridan ( and Sam Pilafian ( caught up with Choppy the ChopSaver at the University of Illinois Marching Band Championship. In a hard hitting, 3 part interview, Choppy covered a wide variety of topics including the benefits of organic ingredients, marching band drill and global warming. A transcript is below to aid with hard to hear segments. View Part 1 and Part 3.

Part 2

Pat – So we’re here with Choppy – the mascot of ChopSaver! Excellent product which I’ve been using since 12:00 o’clock today, right here. All-natural, some organic ingredients. Tastes good, smells good, feels good! So we’re here with Choppy – Choppy, I’ve got a couple questions for you. So, we were talking a little bit before. I’m a Netflix kind of person so I was watching Netflix recently and all this stuff about disappearing glaciers, Greenland, all the things that are melting, so what are your thoughts on global warming?

Choppy responds

Sam – Yeah, Choppy!

Pat – That’s excellent, I totally understand. So based on that information that you just expounded on for us, can you tell me, can you sort of wrap that in to then your thoughts about sort of how Big Oil plays into that?

Choppy Responds

Pat – Yeah! Interesting, interesting! Well that’s awesome and that would be exactly why there are no petroleum products in ChopSaver, is that correct?

Choppy responds

Pat – I got it. See, you know, I speak Choppy! (Event announcer speaks) That’s really great I understand where you’re coming from in that regard. Can you tell me then how those ideas about global warming and Big Oil, how does marching band play into the positive side of that?

Sam – Ah, the white board!

Choppy demonstrates on the white board as Pat and Sam comment approvingly

Pat – Beautiful, excellent. Well, we’re going to hear from our next band now; we’re looking forward to hearing from the Galesburg Marching Streaks.

Sam – Great to hear how you think Choppy! It’s awesome!

Pat – Thanks for sharing your views with our listening audience out there in internet land. Here we are at the 43rd Annual Illini Marching Band Championships brought to you by and ChopSaver. This is Choppy. We’ve been talking to Choppy and learning about the world and life!

View Part 3 here.

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