image002Recently, tuba virtuosi and music industry giants Patrick Sheridan ( and Sam Pilafian ( caught up with Choppy the ChopSaver at the University of Illinois Marching Band Championship. In a hard hitting, 3 part interview, Choppy covered a wide variety of topics including the benefits of organic ingredients, marching band drill and global warming. A transcript is below to aid with hard to hear segments. View Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 1

Sam – We’re very happy to have with us the mascot of ChopSaver, Choppy himself is here – in his shiny goodness! This is an awesome moment for Patrick and I. It’s like one of the great honors to be a host of these events for you is to visit your home and your laptop. But when a famous person like Choppy comes here, we’re like little kids! Look! It’s really Choppy! I get to stand next to him. I’m in the television with him. This is amazing!

So we have some questions for you, we want to interview you because people want to know what you’re thinking, Choppy. So when you see a show like this, are you happy with what you hear?

Choppy responds

Sam – I’ll take that as a yes! And when you see a show like that, are you impressed with the formations and the way the drill works?

Choppy Responds

Sam – I think that is affirmative! And when you see a show like this, do you worry about the lips of the people that are playing the show?

Choppy responds

Sam- Sometimes it’s not even the brass players. Sometimes it’s anybody who is outside all day long because it’s hard on your face. Do you think that everybody should use ChopSaver? Or just musicians? (Choppy responds with great enthusiasm) Oh! Everybody…for the…total el mundo! That’s awesome! Patrick, you’re so in awe of Choppy you can’t even speak!

Pat – We’re speaking on another level!

Sam – Really? That’s amazing! So, thank you for visiting with us. I’m really honored that you would come all the way up here from down on the ground with the bands. Have you seen a lot of people today?

Choppy responds

Pat – How many?

Choppy counts

Sam – A lot!

Pat – 749 – before 10! That’s cool! Yeah, I was good at math.

(Sam and Pat introduce the next band)

Pat – Thanks everybody. Thanks ChopSaver! Thanks Choppy!

Sam – Yeah, good to see you!

View Part 2 here.

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