sandovalCongratulations Arturo on this amazing and well-deserved honor! You can read the full story here.

I met Arturo Sandoval when ChopSaver first hit the market several years ago. He was speaking at a local university. Having performed at the same facility myself many times, I asked my stagehand friends to deliver some ChopSaver and my card to his dressing room. As I was leaving the hall, I realized there was a message on my phone. It was Maestro Sandoval telling me how much he enjoyed the product and he had used it that very night!

I went back to the hall and we met and had a nice chat. I have since seen him at other events and we hope to collaborate with his new venture, The Arturo Sandoval Institute, sometime in the future.

We know how proud he is to be able to live and work in the US after growing up in Cuba. You can hear more of his amazing story in this NPR interview from August of 2013.

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