Thanks to all the ChopSaver fans we met during Super Bowl Week. Indianapolis transformed itself into a combination football/entertainment/music hotbed, a 10-day party like we’ve never seen around here!

ChopSaver was on full display in the heart of it all at Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis where we sampled nearly 5,000 lips and sold over 700 tubes of ChopSaver! While most enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, we were one of the few companies who were looking forward to frigid temperatures and the chapped lips that often come with it, but we had a great time nonetheless!

Sometimes acting on the spur of the moment can force you to accomplish in a matter of days what would normally take weeks or even months. Less than two weeks before all the festivities were to begin, we leased our space, designed and created the display and even had a mascot made – a giant walking tube of ChopSaver.
As it turns out, “Choppy” was somewhat limited as to where he could appear, but we are thrilled to have him and we know he will make many appearances at other events in the future! A big “Thank You!” to everyone who helped us pull off our Super Bowl Experiment – you know who you are!