We love hearing from satisfied customers! For many people, ChopSaver has actually changed their lives in dramatic ways. Here are two women’s stories. We met both of them at our downtown display during Super Bowl week. The first letter is from Rolinda. After trying the product, she took the time to write to us and this is what she said:

“Dan, I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I have high blood pressure and have been on medication for over 25 years due to heredity. I have used so many products trying to combat the dryness and chapping of my lips with no success. I was given a sample of your product at Circle Centre Mall and was immediately taken by your product! I went back yesterday to make a purchase and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my soft and moisturized lips. Forever will be a customer!”

And from another new fan named Judy:

“I have very sensitive skin and chemical allergies which have caused my lips to be very dry resulting in cracking and bleeding…not very pleasant or attractive.  I went to Super Bowl Village and walked up to the ChopSaver kiosk in Circle Centre Mall.  I asked the clerk to see a list of the ingredients to determine if I should avoid it as I must other lip balms.  After reading the natural ingredients, I grabbed up three tubes.  I applied ChopSaver to my lips around 4:00 pm yesterday.  When I returned home, around 8:30 pm, I realized that my lips were nearly completely soft.  This morning I had new lips.  I didn’t think I would ever find relief from the discomfort and pain.  Thank you very much.  ChopSaver is truly an amazing product!”

Thank you, Rolinda and Judy, for writing to us! We are very proud to know that the simple creation of a better lip care product like all-natural ChopSaver lip balm has the ability to make such a profound difference in people’s lives.

If you have a similar story, send it to us at info@chopsaver.com or just post it on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/chopsaver.