Another video from our “In Their Own Words” series – unscripted, from the heart testimonials from some of our biggest fans!

Hear David Fedderly, Principal Tuba of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (retired) talk about ChopSaver. Thank you, Dave!

Dave Fedderly – Tuba, Baltimore Symphony (retired)

“Hi this is Dave Fedderly. About ten years ago, some ChopSaver got sent to our piccolo player in the Baltimore Symphony. She knew I had a store and she said, “Here, I don’t use this, can you use it?” I said, yeah, I was skeptical as I always am with new products. I handed it out, I tried it, I was about 50 at the time, and I said “Wow, my chops feel great!” And all the guys in the symphony started using it, and we’re all still using it today. It’s a great product, it rejuvenates old chops and keeps young chops working well. It’s a great product, make sure you get it!”

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