Recently, I was helping my mother put away her Christmas decorations. As we piled heavy boxes into her storage room, I was dismayed to see that the shelves, probably installed 30 years ago, we’re sagging dangerously low. The plastic brackets could no longer do their job and each one had split in half except for the ones at the very end of each shelf.

Old and New Brackets
Old and new bracket

After the standard two trips to the hardware store, I was able to find replacement parts and I began the quick repair. The job turned into a painful finger breaking exercise as I tried to install the new brackets onto the old shelf. The “quick repair’ was turning into much longer one, as they so often do.

Then I remembered my trusty ChopSaver in my shirt pocket. Sure enough, a little ChopSaver on the friction point made the job much easier. The brackets snapped in place. My task was now the relatively easy one that I had envisioned, and my mother has shelves that will, hopefully, stand up to another many years of service.

We know people use ChopSaver for lips as well as hands, knuckles, cuticles, burns, and rashes with great effect. We can now add hardware lubricant to the list! Have you ever used ChopSaver for something other than lips or skin?

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