This cool little video was made by one of the lead makeup artists for the TV show “The Blacklist!”

How does a lip balm created in a trumpet player’s kitchen end up on the set of an iconic show like that?

This is a quick story about the random ways life connects us in ways we never could have predicted.

It involves two friends from Elkhart, IN. One goes on to be a professional trumpet player (that’s me) and one goes on to be a highly successful actor starring in television, Broadway (with Tom Hanks, no less!) and movies.

Several decades removed from their youthful days in Elkhart, the actor gets some samples of Dan’s creation, and she deems it to be the best thing for “on camera” work because of its durability and its natural, no-shine look.

That actor would be Deirdre Lovejoy, seen here (on my TV) in her recurring role as White House Counsel Cynthia Panabaker in “The Blacklist.”


Dede shared her ChopSaver with Amy Wadford, one of the make-up artists for the show, and Amy decided to make this fun video as a thank you! We say, “Thank you Amy!”  From the Heartland to Hollywood, or in this case, NYC!

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