This is something I caught on a video phone a couple years ago. The Washington Symphonic Brass performed a concert of all classic rock music at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Harrisburg, PA in May of 2009. This is a clip from Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and arranged by Jennifer Jester. It features Baltimore Symphony Principal Trombone Chris Dudley recreating the guitar solo using a special effects microphone.

Chris recently chimed in and explained how he did it!

Hi all! So answers to your questions. Yes it is a Monette mouthpiece. It’s a prototype. Dave is doing some great stuff! If you get in contact with him and ask him what I play I’m sure he can send you something similar. The trombone is a Shires and the bell is a special bell Steve developed for me. It’s got a yellow brass stem and the gold brass bell flare.

Also, I must give credit where credit is due. The idea to run the trombone through distortion guitar pedal came from Ben Harrington of the Meridian Arts Ensemble. He is a brilliant player and I hope you’re all familiar with Meridian Arts Ensembles work. I think I used the standard Sure SM57 and then I ran it through a tweaked out patch on an old Digitech RGP 10?

My good friend, Jennifer Jester of Millersville University did the arrangement and I transcribed the trombone solo off one of the Pink Floyd albums, truncating the end of the solo just a bit for time.

Thanks Chris!