(While ChopSaver is no longer sold in CVS stores, this was still a major accomplishment in out product journey.)

In the lifetime of any company, some days have special meaning, just like certain days have special meaning in a human life. When you are an entrepreneur and you work out of a home office and you know that your business success is ultimately tied to the blood, sweat, tears, passion and determination that you personally bring to the table, it is sometimes hard to separate work from personal life, especially when your product has your name on it, as Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Lip Care now does.

I pride myself on keeping things in perspective and April 28th (Wedding Day) and September 7 (my son’s birthday) will never be surpassed as important days in my life. But August 14th will now rank pretty high, as that is the day I walked into my neighborhood CVS/pharmacy store and saw my product on the shelf. Now, people looking for “the best lip balm on the planet” won’t have to look nearly as hard now that ChopSaver is being sold in over 7,400 stores across the US!

ChopSaver in CVS

As many of you know, we have been at this for a while and ChopSaver, in various forms, has been available in retail stores for many years. We are always grateful for any and all store managers and buyers who have decided to devote some of their precious retail space to our little product. But there is no way to minimize the magnitude of aligning yourself with one of the biggest retailers in the world – CVS.

How did it happen? Well, I can’t describe a journey that has taken over 10 years in one blog post, but while ChopSaver started as my dream, there are many people who also believe and work on behalf of both the product and the brand and I would like to publically thank all of them, because, without them, no one person could have pulled this off. So to everyone behind the scenes and to our loyal customers, I say “Thank You!” for helping us reach this new plateau – you know who you are! And to my friends and family, I thank you to for the unbelievable support I have received and continue to receive on a daily basis. I love you all!

But if I had to sum it up, one word won’t suffice, but these three words might give you a hint – NEVER GIVE UP – because I believe, you get to decide how the story ends.