Our recent trip to the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic reminded us just how passionate ChopSaver fans are. So we are launching a new series called “In Their Own Words”, unscripted, from the heart testimonials from some of our biggest fans!

First up, Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Julie Huffman, a band director who raised $5,000 selling ChopSaver! Thank you both!

Tom Hooten – 1st Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic
“Hey, I’m Tom Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the L.A. Philharmonic, and I’m here to talk about ChopSaver. It’s all natural, it’s stuff you put on your lips, if you’re in trouble, your lips are dry, or a little beat up, this is the best stuff you want to use. I’ve been using it for years, so check it out. ChopSaver!”



Julie Huffman – Band Director, Hellstern Middle School
Hi, I’m Julie Huffman. I’m the band director in Springdale, Arkansas at Hellstern Middle School. I love ChopSaver! I first started using this when I was in musical theater. One of my friends that played horn used it and he said “You’ve got to try this stuff!” My lips were pretty chapped and I had a big show to play and this stuff got me through my performances. I use it all the time. It soothes my lips, it’s got all natural ingredients, and it’s awesome.

My whole family uses it now, my friends and my church musicians. Also, we started up a fundraising project at my school, where we order these in bulk, and the students sell them for $5.00 each and we make a partial profit off of it. We use the proceeds to send the kids to summer music camp, and the last few years we’ve raised $5,000 to send kids to summer music camp! It helps the students and it helps their lips. I’ve even had kids from the nurse’s office come down and say “I’ve got chapped lips, and they sent me to see you, they said you’ve got the good stuff!” I say, “Here you go, we’re gonna get you some ChopSaver,” and then their moms call because they want to get some more because the moms love this too.

Everyone in my building knows that we use ChopSaver. We love it, and it works. This stuff really does work!

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