“We need a new website!”

That is something practically every business or business owner confronts every couple of years. It’s sort of like doing a home renovation or makeover. And with so many people accessing the internet through their smart phones and tablets, a website that behaves well “on mobile” is imperative these days. So there are some purely technical reason for making changes to a website.

screenshotThe other main reason to update a website is to reflect any changes in products, services or company philosophy. While ChopSaver lip care is still the great product you have come to expect, our approach to who we serve and who our main customers are is easier to understand on our new site – at least we hope that is the case when you visit us.

Obviously, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of ChopSaver,
musician or not. And that is why we tout not only our musician benefits but also the fact that more and more medical professionals are recommending ChopSaver for their patients with stubborn lip ailments. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini, but ChopSaver does have an interesting “split personality” and we are embracing that even more. We like to say “fun yet effective” lip care.

Also, we have made some changes to our logo and overall look. For one thing, I have literally “put my name on it” as the saying goes. The notion that a trumpet player with an idea came up with this product in his kitchen is something no other company can replicate, no matter how large they may be. So that is why it now says “Gosling’s Original” on the logo.

For long time users of ChopSaver, that may be a tad confusing as we use to refer to the “all-natural” ChopSaver (the green one) as “Original” and the one with SPF (sunscreen – the orange one) as “Gold.” Now we just call them ChopSaver 100% Natural and ChopSaver with SPF 15 to more accurately describe the difference.

We hope you will find the new site easier to use, more colorful and more interesting as we continue to keep telling The ChopSaver Story. And stay tuned for more exciting news in the months to come!

Dan Gosling (The ChopSaver Guy)