ChopSaver Guy Dan Gosling and his wife Noelle talk about testimonials from happy customers including the world famous flute virtuoso Sir James Galway. They also discuss the proper way to pose with your ChopSaver! (Originally posted on Facebook Live – Mar 11, 2021)

Dan Gosling:

Hi everyone, it’s Dan Gosling, the ChopSaver Guy. It’s 2:00 on Thursday, which means it’s time for Notes from Dan, the ChopSaver Guy on Facebook Live Edition. If you’ve been following us at all the last couple of weeks, we are doing lives on Instagram and Facebook, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Trying to set a little pattern here, not only for you our watchers, but for ourselves to keep creating interesting content. We are talking today about UGC. What the heck is UGC? Well, UGC is short for user-generated content. It’s a word marketers use. If you think about back in the day, what you got from a company was their advertising. Whether it was a TV commercial, or a print ad, or a newspaper ad or a billboard. We didn’t use the word content, it was just advertising. Well, now with social media and all these different ways to interact, not only with our friends, but brands can interact with their customers through social media. These little clips, these memes, these videos, things like this, are called content.

What’s really cool though, is when you watch the content that I put up, but what’s even better, is when a user, you a happy customer, a fan of the product, makes a testimonial, or a video, or sends a photo. And so, this week we actually asked our happy customers to provide some UGCs, user-generated content. But I want to go back into the way-back machine, and explain, show you, one of the earliest forms of UGC that we ever received. And I didn’t even know what you would call it then. This was a testimonial by none other than Sir James Galway, the world-famous flute player. James Galway is one of the classical musicians who has achieved some sense of crossover fame, like Yo-Yo Ma. Not only classical musicians know about Yo-Yo Ma, but everyone knows about Yo-Yo Ma.

Same with James Galway. He used to be on Johnny Carson and late night shows, and play Irish music as well as classical music. So of course I knew about him when I started making and selling ChopSaver. And I believe my wife gave him some product when he was here with Indianapolis Symphony. I don’t think she did it personally. I think we just left it in his dressing room, hoping. And then, you remember that, you remember that too Louie? Do you remember that? Am I boring you? Is that what you’re trying to tell me? Always a critic.

So, Sir James Galway, it was a couple of months after that, I saw on a trumpet message board. Again, this was early internet, and it wasn’t Facebook, it wasn’t anything like that. Someone just sent me a note and said, “James Galway.” And I said, “What about him?” And he said, “He’s promoting your stuff.” So, I found this clip, it was on his website, and I’m going to show it to you right now. So let’s zoom in on Sir James here. You got a good view of it?

Sir James Galway:
This is a ChopSaver, and it’s made by a musician. You can see the www a bit there. I think it’s actually very, very good, and would recommend it if you’re having trouble with your lips.

Dan Gosling:
Now, isn’t that cool? So that’s, that clip is so interesting to me on so many levels. First of all, this was in 2009. This was early internet. This shows you that James Galway was on the cutting edge of keeping… You need to sneeze, honey? My wife’s working the camera, she’s about to explode. You okay?

Noelle Gosling: I’m good.

Dan Gosling: Okay. You need a tissue?

Noelle Gosling: Nope.

Dan Gosling: Okay. It’s okay if you do, this is live, it doesn’t matter. She’s good.

Dan Gosling:
James Galway did this in 2009. He was posting videos on his website for his fans and his students and his followers 12 years ago, which is amazing, that he did it without any prompting from me. Obviously, he tried and liked the product, which was great. He could have just started using it and been happy and not told anybody. But the fact that he took the trouble to make this little clip. I think this was actually, if I recall, this was at the tail end of another video, or a video where he was talking about a book. He was doing a book review about his old teacher. I can’t remember his name, but I believe that’s how this clip had… And then at the very end of that video, he lifts up the ChopSaver. Let’s watch it again. It’s so short, I just think it’s really cool.

Sir James Galway:
This is a ChopSaver, and it’s made by a musician. You can see the www a bit there. I think it’s actually very, very good, and would recommend it if you’re having trouble with your lips.

Dan Gosling:
So, again, I love his accent, I love everything about this. It was so fun to watch that, and I still enjoy watching it here 12 years later. Again, he didn’t have to do it. He did it just out of the goodness of his heart. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times since then. He still uses the product, still recommends it to his patients. And so thank you, Sir James, for your long-time, loyal support. But this is an awesome example of UGC, user-generated content. So we put the word out this week to our email list and said, “Hey, if you would be so kind as to send a photo and a little blurb, we will send you a couple tubes of ChopSaver with SPF.

So I want to share a couple I’ve already gotten. Look at these smiling, happy faces, and more. That’s Melissa, and Kyle, and Kimmi, and Joe. And they sent us things like, “I always struggled to find the lip balm that could keep my lips hydrated, moisturized, but once I found ChopSaver, that completely changed.” Awesome. Just from the heart, how the product helps them, and that makes us feel good.

Kimmy said, “I’m a horn student at Northwestern.” Go Cats. I went to Northwestern. “My first time seeing ChopSaver was at my first year of All-state Band in Kentucky when I was a sophomore in high school. That was the longest I’ve ever played before of a span of a week, and my chops were definitely getting burned out. Thank you for creating something that really works.”

So again, these are awesome examples of user-generated content, and the kind of thing we can post on Instagram, or maybe even create an ad out of it, make a video out of it. In fact, maybe next week we’ll up the ante and ask people to submit videos. Now I did also, since we’re talking about posing with your ChopSaver, there are good ways to do it and not so good ways to do it. And my lovely wife is going to demonstrate her favorite ways of demonstrating how yo you use apply ChopSaver.

Noelle Gosling: Yeah. I’m not sure… Oh, how to apply it.

Dan Gosling: Yeah. There’s… And how to-

Noelle Gosling: Hi, everyone.

Dan Gosling: … There’s-

Noelle Gosling: I’m usually behind the camera, not in front of it. Like this. You can put [crosstalk 00:07:21].

Dan Gosling: Just a smile, admire.

Noelle Gosling: Make sure we see this.

Dan Gosling: Always have to have the, yeah right. Make sure the label is showing out.

Noelle Gosling: This is the label. And Louie… Don’t mind the cat.

Dan Gosling:
Oh, he never does that. And it’s tough to get a good still shot of someone putting on lip balm. You’ve got to be really careful how you go about that. And tell them your secret, your super secret about ChopSaver.

Noelle Gosling:
Oh, ladies and gents, for the past 10 years, 12 years… Who’s counting? I use it under my eyes every night like this. I go there, and I go around there, I go around. Sometimes I put it on my cheeks, but mostly under my eyes, and I don’t get any bagging in the morning, nothing, because it has Arnica in it. And-

Dan Gosling: And my wife, I’m proud to tell you, is 110 years old.

Noelle Gosling: I’m not 50, and I’m not 70.

Dan Gosling: So you figure it out.

Noelle Gosling: Somewhere in-between, so yes.

Dan Gosling: Thank you for that lovely demonstration, Noelle.

So there you have it. We are again, celebrating the concept, the idea of UGC, user-generated content. That means you. And that’s when we appreciate so much when people like you that are fans of the product, take the time to send us a photo, give us a testimonial, and we can create that and use that in our promotions, so it’s not always just me talking about the product, but our happy customers.

So with that, I think… Anything else we need to tell them today?

Noelle Gosling: No, thank you so much for watching, everyone.

Dan Gosling:
I think next week we’re going to actually, Noelle and I are going to interview each other. I think that was the plan for next week.

Noelle Gosling: In the same house.

Dan Gosling: In the same house.

Noelle Gosling: Different rooms.

Dan Gosling: We’ll see how that works. We’ll do it on Instagram. So what we do is we use Instagram as our dress rehearsal, and then we do Facebook on Thursdays. So look for us again next week, Tuesdays on Instagram at 2:00 Eastern time. Thursdays on Facebook Live, 2:00 Eastern time. Thanks for watching. If you’re watching on the replay, which is one big reason we do these, because again, it’s content that lives forever on the replay. And then we get a lot more viewers on the replay. We appreciate you tuning in, whether it’s live or later on. Thank you so much. Have a great day wherever you are today. Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you then. Bye-bye.

Noelle Gosling: Bye.

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