Wow! A big “Thank you!” to all who participated in our recent customer survey. We had a terrific response both in terms of number and the high marks we received! A whopping 91% of our customers said they were either “extremely likely” or “very likely” to recommend ChopSaver to others. Another 75% said our product quality is “much better” than our competitors. That speaks volumes in terms of customer satisfaction and we are honored to have achieved such customer loyalty! Here are some other highlights of the survey.

While we are moving the product into the main stream, musicians continue to be our biggest supporters. 83% listed themselves as a musician (55% professional and 28% student) with 17% declaring they are not a musician. It was suggested one of the categories be “amateur musician.” Good idea for next time. The majority of those were trumpet players (54%) with trombone, flute, horn and tuba next in line. Most learned about ChopSaver through a friend (40%) bringing new meaning to the phrase “word of mouth!” In terms of new flavor, 51% voted for “No Flavor” with mint edging out cherry for next in line. In the “other” category, most chimed in they liked it just the way it is. Among those that did suggest another flavor, vanilla and other fruits were mentioned.

Only 11.5% of respondents were interested in a small jar option and many (61%) would like to see a hand cream or lotion for the next product. As for stores that should carry ChopSaver (and yes, the options listed were US chains only) the top three of CVS, Target and Walgreens were all very close. Many other regional chains were suggested including more stores for our overseas friends. We couldn’t agree more! The trick is getting those stores to give us a shot. A request from a customer is a powerful thing, so please tell the store managers where you shop, “We want ChopSaver!” We appreciate all your support and great feedback!