Why Would a Saxophone or Clarinet Player use ChopSaver?

In previous posts, I have discussed the fact that Goslings’ Original ChopSaver Lip Care is not just for trumpet players or brass instrument players. Anyone who uses their lips to play a musical instrument should use ChopSaver to protect their embouchure. That list includes: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn (french horn), trumpet, trombone, euphonium, baritone, mellophone, tuba and even harmonica.

But saxophone (and it doesn’t matter if they play soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone or baritone saxophone) and clarinet players often ask, “Will ChopSaver affect my reeds? Will it mess them up?”

The answer is no. ChopSaver is designed to stay on your lips, not on the reed. Here is how one professional woodwind player explains it:

“ChopSaver quite literally has saved my chops. Rochester and Western New York had the coldest winter on record this year. ChopSaver has protected and insured my ability to play when needed. As a woodwind player I have searched for a product that doesn’t beat up my reeds and protects my lips. ChopSaver is the only product available that works with reeds AND reed players.”

Brad Batz - woodwind instrument specialist

Brad Batz – woodwind instrument specialist