ChopSaver is useful for conditions beyond normal every day chapped lips. CPAP and oxygen users with dry lips have found relief with ChopSaver. One of the things we’ve heard with oxygen therapy is petroleum-based products can actually deteriorate the cannulas and the tubing that go into the nose or connect to the apparatus. If you are on oxygen flow for extended periods of time, your tubing will start to break down and become much less reliable, so using something all natural and without petrolatum that doesn’t interfere with any of the rubber products is always recommended. There are also oxygen use precautions for petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) or other petroleum based products due to flammability issues.

Women have found that using ChopSaver in combination with their lipstick prevents dry lips. We suggest applying ChopSaver first and then putting lipstick on top of that. There are also many lipsticks that don’t have SPF protection. ChopSaver Gold with SPF 15 is a perfect solution.