What happens when you combine the power of the internet with the will of the people? Well, we decided to do a little test. Our customers are always asking us why ChopSaver all-natural lip balm isn’t sold in the large chain stores. After all, why wouldn’t the best stores in America stock the best lip balm in America? We recently discovered that Walgreens actually has a page on their website for customers to make product requests.

image002We then asked ChopSaver fans to contact Walgreens (8000 drug stores across the US) via their website to place a request to carry ChopSaver in their stores. According to our data, over 600 people went to the Walgreens site. Walgreens responded via email and in some cases, store managers actually made personal phone calls to respond to the request. The responses could be summed up something like, “We’ve never heard of ChopSaver but we will certainly look into it!”

We think that is an awesome example of a large company making the attempt to stay in touch with their customers. As we have stated before, a lot of things have to fall in place for a small company to get its product into major distribution. But the first thing that has to happen is that the large store has to know the product even exists. Thanks to our loyal fans, we can check that one off the list!