Even though ChopSaver was originally created for brass and woodwind players, it really is for anyone who wants a lip care product that actually works and is willing to pay a little bit more. The challenge becomes, how to get that message out – that it’s not just a lip balm for musicians – without losing the brand’s uniqueness and original story.

There was a famous ad campaign for Volkswagen cars that ran for many years in the 60s and 70s. The question they posed was, “How does the man who drives the snowplow drive to the snowplow?” The idea being, Volkswagens were known by “professional” drivers for their toughness and reliability. With a lip balm “invented by a trumpet player,” the message is similar. If it’s good enough for someone who abuses their lips on a regular basis, it must be special. Of course, we think it is, as do all of our fans, musician or not.

In that spirit, I decided to create several new ads. While the famous “Flying Instruments” video continues to be effective, I knew I didn’t have the time and resources to create something as elaborate as that. So, I used the images I had on my computer, my imagination, and good old PowerPoint to create some simple, but hopefully interesting and compelling, new ads that focus on the needs of other consumers. With that in mind, enjoy these five short commercials and share them with your non-musician friends!

For People Who Love the Great Outdoors


For People Who Seem to Be Addicted to Their “Chapstick.”


For People Who Enjoy Sports


For People Who Love Winter Sports


 For People That Are Tired of Buying Lip Balms That Don’t Work