In this video, ChopSaver inventor Dan Gosling explains how he personally guarantees the quality of his products. (Transcript below.)

Today we’re going to talk about – Quality Control!

Quality control means just what it says. It’s how any company controls the quality of their products. I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes of how we do it here at ChopSaver. Now a batch of ChopSaver is thousands of tubes and I can’t test them all. That would take forever and, frankly, if I did this and then we sold it, that be kind of gross.

So, what we do is test 30 tubes from every batch – 10 from the beginning, 10 from the middle, and 10 from the end of the batch. The first thing we do is put them in the freezer overnight. Once they’ve thawed, we can start testing. The freeze/thaw process puts a little stress on the formula and makes sure that if it still feels good even after that, it’ll feel great when you try it.

The first thing we test is the mechanism itself. Pop off the cap and literally roll it all the way up and down to make sure that elevator works. Now comes the moment of truth, the organoleptic test. Organoleptic is a great word basically talks about the organs that are responsible for your sight and your smell and your taste.

First, we test the fragrance. As it says in our SOP, our standard operating procedure document, “odor shall be a definite, but not overpowering, scent of a citrus blend.” This passes the test. Color shall be a pale yellow/green. And the most important test of all, the feel. We test it on the back of the hand and of course the lips. Smooth, soft, and creamy – perfect. Now we don’t stop there because we want your ChopSaver experience to be great from the beginning to the end. So, we literally test the product in three places. We get to cut the product in half to test literally the middle of the tube – feels great. And then we test the very end of the tube – equally great – ensuring that your ChopSaver experience is great all the way through.  

Let’s do that 29 more times! I don’t know how they do it at other companies, but this is how I personally guarantee every tube of ChopSaver is perfect. Get yours today!

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