ChopSaver comes in two versions – 100% All-Natural Original and ChopSaver Gold with SPF 15. ChopSaver Gold with SPF 15 has broad-spectrum protection, which means it protects from UVA, the sun’s “aging” rays, and UVB, the sun’s burning rays. This is very important for people who are outdoors a lot as skin cancer is on the rise across the globe. The US Food and Drug Administration has recently come out with some new rules about sunscreens. ChopSaver is a broad spectrum sunscreen and the number is 15. People need to understand that it’s not an arithmetic scale. In other words, an SPF 30 is not twice as strong or effective as an SPF 15. An SPF 15 will protect you from 94% of the sun’s rays and SPF 30 will protect you from 97% of the sun’s rays. And to get that extra 3%, we didn’t think was enough of a difference because to get to 30 you have to add a lot more chemicals. You would just have a stick of sunscreen and it would greatly reduce therapeutic value of the product and would not feel like ChopSaver.