I am so excited! We are going to be part of the huge Grand Opening of the new Kroger Marketplace in Ft. Wayne, Indiana! It’s just a short drive from ChopSaver World Headquarters!

I’m actually a little bit nervous! I hear there may be some famous celebrities there.

Wow – there I am right next to all the other lip care products. So proud to be the only all-natural, doctor recommended lip balm on the shelf! Musicians and dermatologists love me! And so colorful and eye-catching – I feel like I have really found myself!

Omigosh! I was right. There’s the M&M Guy! I am a huge fan of his work. Such a classic in our industry! So big and bold and he’s so well-rounded!

Wow, they even sell furniture here!

I love making new friends!

What a great day it was! I hope to be visiting a store near you soon!

  1. Gary Glenn ex/optometrist says:

    Who is that in that in the choppy suit?

    Great idea. I am glad to hear of the opening of the world headquaters. Wow.

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