While ChopSaver all-natural lip balm is sold around the world, we are always trying to raise our profile in our own neighborhood. One such opportunity to do that was this recent local event, The Innovation Showcase https://vergestartups.com/startup-tradeshow-on-steroids/

This was a chance for us to be seen by influential business people in Central Indiana and beyond. We had a display along with 60 or so other “emerging” companies in various stages of growth and development. ChopSaver is a fairly mature brand in the music world but in the mass market ocean, we are still just getting our toes wet! In order for ChopSaver to make a big splash and become a household brand “for people with lips” and not just musicians, some form of large investment may need to happen. Whenever you see a product on the shelf of a Wal-Mart® or CVS® or Target®, you can be sure a significant amount of money is involved in order to market and advertise the product. Getting a product on the shelves of a major retailer is one thing – making sure it sells is another.

Generating a fan base that will go into a store to buy your product is no easy task. It takes years and yes, money, to build a brand and brand awareness. In the old days, a large company would flood the three major TV channels (yes, there used to be only three not so long ago!) with commercials and purchase large ads in newspapers and magazines which would allow you to “buy” brand awareness provided you had the budget to do it. Now there are an infinite number of ways to reach people and many of them are free such as YouTube. (www.youtube.com/chopsaver) It does level the playing field somewhat, but with an infinite number of ways to reach people, one must decide which methods they want to use. And with so many product choices, brand loyalty cannot be bought, it has to be earned.

We are proud of our loyal fan base in the music world and are especially happy to be earning the trust of medical professionals who appreciate high quality, naturally based lip care. As a small company with big goals, it is up to us to build on that loyalty as we continue to spread the word about ChopSaver.

  1. bob broemel says:

    Hi Dan, I’m back living in Indy again. Just recommended Chopsaver to my dentist, Dr. Buyer [who is also Anne Reynold’s dentist]. Best, Bob Broemel

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