I’m not one to make a big deal out of my birthdays, but I turned 60 recently, so I’m going to make an exception this time. Sixty is an age that neither my father nor my two brothers ever saw, so I’m especially grateful for every day I have on this earth. I will say having a significant birthday on a Monday is less than ideal. Busy lives and travel plans forced a family celebration for another day. But I still managed to have a great day. So here are my three suggestions for celebrating your next birthday and a short video gift for you.

1. Slow down and be in the moment.

For me, that meant a mid-day nap.  I highly recommend this simple practice, especially if you don’t normally do so. Literally sleeping when you “should be doing something productive” is often the most productive thing you can do.

2. Discover something new in your surroundings.

My wife, Noelle, and I love traveling to exciting, far-away places as much as the next person, but we found a park 20 minutes from our home we’d never been to before. With co-operative spring weather, we hiked for two hours amongst ancient trees that rivaled ones we would have seen in states far away from us.

 Discover something new in your surroundings

3. Make do with what you have.

We remembered we had a gift certificate to a restaurant we would probably never go to on our own. A week of dog sitting (how we earned that gift card) turned into a blissfully slow dinner with the person who has put up with me more than anyone on the planet.

Three simple things. Total cost – almost nothing. So here is my birthday gift to you – 60 seconds of peace taken from the woods where we walked.

While some people are planning their retirement around this time, I still have a lip balm empire that needs my attention, so it may be another decade before I’m making those kinds of plans. I look forward to seeing how that celebration unfolds!

  1. Beatriz Lopez-Freking says:

    Wow! You seriously look NO WHERE NEAR 60!!! Please share your skincare secrets 😆😆 Honestly you look so much younger! I’m with you my favorite thing to do on my birthday is just be in the woods 😍

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