ChopSaver Lip Care Quality Control

In this video, ChopSaver inventor Dan Gosling explains how he personally guarantees the quality of his products. (Transcript below.) Today we’re going to talk about – Quality Control! Quality control means just what it says. It’s how any company controls the quality of their products. I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes […]

Hope Out of Misery

The ChopSaver journey has been long and arduous, but I try to practice what I preach and focus on the gains and not obsess on what is still left to do. With that mindset, I find myself in a relatively good place of calm and peace in my relationships, my work and mission, and yes, […]

Insane or Inspired?

I have told “The ChopSaver Story” literally thousands of times. it always starts off with some something like this. “Years ago, one of my students told me how he treated a lip injury from a marching band accident with the herb Arnica!” Depending on how much time I have and how interested the other people […]

Shelf Saver

Recently, I was helping my mother put away her Christmas decorations. As we piled heavy boxes into her storage room, I was dismayed to see that the shelves, probably installed 30 years ago, we’re sagging dangerously low. The plastic brackets could no longer do their job and each one had split in half except for […]

Getting a Shark to Show his Teeth

(Videos below) “No! Not the basketball thing again!” groaned my son, a newly minted Indiana University graduate with a degree in Media Production. “But he owns the Dallas Mavericks!” I protested. We were discussing how to approach an upcoming video project. As you may have guessed, it involved Mark Cuban, tech billionaire, star of Shark […]

SPF Explained

Dan Gosling “The ChopSaver Guy” explains sunscreen basics. (Originally posted on Facebook Live – June 10,2021) Today, we’re going to talk about sunscreen basics. So you see there on the ChopSaver package, there’s three letters, two numbers, and two words, SPF 15 and broad spectrum. One might assume that everyone knows what those mean, but […]

More Backyard Marketing

While this didn’t take nearly as much planning as the Flying Instrument Video from a few years back, it does a good job of getting our new message across – that ChopSaver isn’t just for musicians!

ChopSaver Customer Survey – April 2021

We did a survey of our customers and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to all who participated. Good afternoon friends. It’s Thursday. It’s two o’clock. That means it’s Facebook live with me, Dan Gosling, The ChopSaver Guy. Welcome today. We are actually in, we’re not in the kitchen, like we’ve been in the […]