dan-blogToday’s newsletter is not a newsletter. It is a thank you card. While I love the Christmas season and my family does send our share of personal Christmas cards, it has become a somewhat “complicated” holiday what with differing views on how to celebrate it, where to celebrate it and bizarre rituals like “Black Friday” and more recently “Cyber-Monday.”

But to me, Thanksgiving remains pure in its essence. All we have to do is to give thanks. To be in a state of gratitude. To assemble together with people we love and just reflect on things we are grateful for. Yes, it involves food as a symbol of the rewards of our hard work and the bounty we help to create, but it also gives us a chance to reflect, if just for a few hours, on the positive.

I am thankful for this amazing journey called ChopSaver. Here in our office, we often start meetings with announcing something we are personally grateful for, before we start discussing “business.” It helps us keep the proper perspective. So, today, and every day, I remain grateful for:

  • Anyone who has ever tried ChopSaver
  • Anyone who has ever purchased ChopSaver
  • Anyone who has given us feedback, positive or negative, about ChopSaver
  • The amazing people who have publically endorsed ChopSaver
  • Those who have recommended ChopSaver to a friend or loved one
  • The people who take the time to tell us how ChopSaver makes a real difference in their lives
  • All of my business partners, associates and mentors who are helping me create a great product, a great brand, and a great company.

And most of all, my amazing wife and son for putting up with me!

I thank you for taking the time to read this. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and may gratitude always help create your attitude.

All the best,





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