Be Embou-SURE!

Brass and woodwind musicians, are you…

  • dreading another marching band season that makes your lips feel like taco meat…extra spicy?
  • looking for an edge as you prepare for that next big concert, audition, or competition?
  • on the road all the time and tired of your lips never feeling the same because of it?
  • weary of those times when playing actually becomes painful?
  • tired of your lips cracking, especially when the weather gets cold?

Hi! My name is Dan Gosling, and I’m a professional trumpet player. I’m also the inventor of Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Lip Care.

As a performer and teacher, I’ve personally dealt with every one of the scenarios listed above at some point in my career. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the challenges of playing a wind or brass instrument are real. ChopSaver helps you feel better and sound better, so making music is fun, not painful. And ChopSaver won’t harm your reed or instrument.

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

Testimonials from ChopSaver Fans

A performance is not the time to be worrying about lip chapping, swelling, soreness, or inflammation. ChopSaver is powered by nature’s most healing ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, arnica, aloe, calendula, and white willow.  Unlike so many other lip balms, it’s totally petroleum free.

ChopSaver 100% Natural (the green tube) is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and ChopSaver SPF 15(the orange one) contains sun protection for outdoor use. You can read the complete list of ingredients here.

With either one, you’ll understand immediately why the greatest musicians in the world rely on ChopSaver.

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

If you play…

  • trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, bugle
  • horn, mellophone, alto horn
  • trombone, bass trombone
  • euphonium, baritone
  • tuba, sousaphone, contrabass
  • flute, piccolo, recorder
  • oboe, English horn
  • clarinet, bass clarinet, Eb clarinet
  • any saxophone
  • bassoon, contra bassoon
  • harmonica
  • bagpipes (you get the idea!)

…you’re in the right place, because I invented ChopSaver just for you! As a musician, you spend countless hours practicing to improve every day. Why would you settle for “regular” lip balm?

Are you tired of lip balms that are waxy or greasy and smell weird? Or maybe you’re wondering if you’re “addicted to your chapstick.” If so, your search is over! Nothing will take the place of good practice habits. But on those days when you’re “not so sure about your embouchure,” use a lip balm that works as hard as you do!

Trumpet Virtuoso Wayne Bergeron Uses ChopSaver

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

What You Can Expect

ChopSaver delivers a smooth, super long–lasting lip therapy experience with a light, citrus fragrance. The relief will be immediate, but gentle. It won’t tingle, as some products do. (In my opinion, that just means your lips are irritated even more.) ChopSaver makes your lips feel normal again as it speeds your recovery time. You can use it anytime, and while some do use it when they play, it’s especially effective after a long day of playing and works great overnight. Get some for yourself, a loved one, or the whole band, and soon you and your friends will be saying things like…

“Fantastic! Knowing it is all natural is important, especially when it comes to the way my chops feel and respond!” Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet – Los Angeles Philharmonic

“A lifesaver and, in my opinion, the best lip salve there is on the market!” Sir James Galway, World Renowned Flute Virtuoso

“As a full-time saxophonist, this product has really changed my life. I can say this is absolutely a product for ALL musicians!” Miranda C.

“I find ChopSaver to be by far the best product I’ve tried for protecting my lips, conditioning them, and treating and preventing sore chops. I am a trumpeter, but my non-musician wife loves using it, too.” Jon-Erik K.

“I was introduced to ChopSaver as a trumpet player in high school, and it saved my bacon for multiple seasons! I still use it now!” Helen C.

 “I tried so hard to find something to dislike, but I couldn’t find anything! It is imperative for musicians to buy this product.” Noah S.

“This is 100% the best thing I’ve ever bought for band. I am a brass and woodwind player and when you have band camp 5 days a week, this saves lives!” Beth O.

“Very good for when my lips are chapped and I can’t play my trombone.” Brent M.

You can read more real talk from real musicians here.

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

Speaking of endorsements, ChopSaver is even recommended by medical professionals for its unique ability to help people with chronic or severely chapped lips.

“I want to thank you for developing an excellent product! We recommend it to every patient we see.”
Dr. Jason B. Van Ittersum, Dermatologist – Norton Shores, MI

“I’ve been using Gosling’s Original ChopSaver for the past few months and it’s my new go-to lip balm. I’ve also been recommending it to all of my isotretinoin patients.” Dr. Alan Parks, Dermatologists – Columbus, OH

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

I get it. Most products never live up to the hype. ChopSaver, on the other hand, has been trusted by musicians and medical professionals for well over a decade, because it works! Due to its special ingredients, ChopSaver costs a little more than the big petroleum-based brands we all know. However, with our multi-pack discounts, it costs no more than many premium natural brands, and you get so much more. With our money back guarantee, the only thing you’ll lose is your sore, chapped lips!

ChopSaver is…

  • made for wind and brass musicians – by a musician!
  • full of natural and organic ingredients that do more than just coat your lips.
  • backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • doctor recommended.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! But truly, what are you waiting for? Buy some today and say “Buh-Bye” to chapped lips…forever!

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

What Musicians Are Saying

  • "ChopSaver is amazing...the best stuff on the market! Thanks for such a great product!" -Kiku Collins, New York City Jazz Recording Artist, Trumpeter for Beyonce and Michael Bolton
  • "ChopSaver is an inexpensive way to help my players maintain good "chop-health!" -Richard Mancini, Director of Bands, Camas High School
  • "...brings on the healing quickly without being too waxy or greasy feeling. Congratulations on a great product!" -Wayne Bergeron, Los Angeles Trumpet Virtuoso and Recording Artist