ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20200201
Got complimented on my lipstick at a gala and it was just CHOPSAVER! "This lip balm truly is like no other - a game changer! I love that it wears and is long lasting so I don’t have to keep reapplying. It does WONDERS for chapped lips. AND I love the gloss it gives my lips. Got complimented on my lipstick at a gala and it was just CHOPSAVER! Only lipstick I’ll ever use. Thank you for creating such a superb product! " Mandi M., Glenrock, WY
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20171208
It's my new go-to lip balm "I've been using Gosling's Original ChopSaver for the past few months and it's my new go-to lip balm. Not only have I been using this product myself, I've also been recommending it to all of my isotretinoin patients. I know that this product was specifically developed for musicians, but it's perfect for my patients that suffer from very dry and chapped lips. I love that there is a version with SPF as well, as isotretinoin makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. Many people forget that they need to protect their lips, in addition to the rest of their body, so this lip balm is perfect for that." Dermatologist Dr. Alan Parks via founder of DermWarehouse
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20200202
No More Bleeding Lips "I would still be dealing with my little girl’s bleeding and cracking lips if it weren't for your amazing product. I don't cry because of her lips anymore thanks to ChopSaver!" Joy Person, Olympia, WA
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20200120
I apply it and can leave it on even when I play. ChopSaver’s great! "It’s the first lip moistener that I've had that is not been either waxy or greasy. All other lip balms I've used have actually dried out the lip more after the initial application. You have to keep applying it and get into this kind of addictive cycle of initial moistening and then extreme drying out if they contain menthol or camphor. With Chopsaver there’s none of that. I apply it and can leave it on even when I play. And as a reed player with a reed resting on the center of the lip, sometimes my lip will split in winter. I find that applying ChopSaver not only prevents that, but can even heal the little split in the center of the lip. I have ChopSaver in my clarinet case, and have some in my car, and when I'm not teaching in Indiana, I'm back home in Tel Aviv, Israel where the sun is very harsh and I love using the SPF factor. ChopSaver’s great!" Eli Eban, Professor of Clarinet - Indiana University Jacobs school of Music
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150615
Relief from a Rare Skin Condition "My daughter Nisha was born with a rare skin condition. Her skin is extremely thin, prone to tearing, and is unceasingly itchy and dry. She has experimented with both prescription and over the counter lotions and creams sold in pharmacies and recommended by her dermatologist to no avail, some of which were quite costly. In a quick effort to bring some relief, she pulled out her ChopSaver and within the hour, the swelling went down, and the itch abated. Older scabs have faded, and the itch has not returned with regular application. We are truly thankful for such an amazing product!" Brooke Tague
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20191210
I don't go anywhere without ChopSaver nearby - it's absolutely the best! "ChopSaver is by far the best lip balm and the only one that I trust for my lips! Whether keeping my lips from drying and cracking in the winter, protecting them in the summer sun, or soothing them after a challenging week on the job, I don't go anywhere without ChopSaver nearby - it's absolutely the best!" Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20180926
The Magical Formula "After a long night of playing, I came home with very fatigued and tired chops. I had anticipated that the following day I would need a day off and have to nurse my sore chops back into shape. I remembered I had some ChopSaver in my bag that someone lent me. Keep in mind I had never used it before. In fact, I wasn't sure what to expect and a bit skeptical. So I lathered up my chops with ChopSaver and fell asleep.The next morning, I woke up refreshed as if I never had an issue. I almost forgot that my chops were sore from the previous night until I saw the stick on my night stand and remembered. I am 100% positive the reason I healed with lightning speed was from ChopSaver. I have been in similar situations before and had a long recoveries, but not this time. I am now a believer and a fan. Get yourself a stick. It is the most unique product on the market for saving your chops. You can feel it healing and protecting you the moment you put it on. The unique blend of ingredients not only feel good, they smell good. You have to try this magic stuff. I now don't leave home without it and I recommend it to everyone I meet. If you are serious about your chops, one word - ChopSaver, or, as I like to call it, the magical formula!" Paul Nowell aka Paul The Trombonist, Los Angeles-based music producer, songwriter, DJ/performer/educator/film maker and acclaimed trombonist
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20180919
We rely on ChopSaver to perform at our best! "After 25 years of playing together, we are so happy to find something that helps all of us perform at our best. Thanks ChopSaver!" Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, World-renowned jazz/swing band
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20180510
I finally found a product that delivers, and that product is ChopSaver. "I have tried pretty much every lip product over the last 15 years to find one that keeps my lips hydrated. As a flutist, if my lips are chapped at all, it impacts my playing and sound. I finally found a product that delivers, and that product is ChopSaver." Gina Luciani, Flute Virtuoso and Los Angeles Recording Artist
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20180204
My go-to choice for lip care "Ever since I discovered ChopSaver in 2006, it has been my go-to choice for lip care. Among the all-natural ingredients, I rely on the arnica to help me recover after a long day of playing. I have never had a winter of chapped lips no matter where I've traveled and performed thanks to ChopSaver" Brittany Lasch, Instructor of Trombone at Bowling Green State University Winner – 2017 Astral Artist’s Audition
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20171022
ChopSaver not only soothes the aching embouchure, but aids in the healing process. "ChopSaver not only soothes the aching embouchure, but aids in the healing process. As a tubist, so much of the face is engaged while playing that ChopSaver is a necessary product, especially after a long practice session. I have been using ChopSaver for over two years, and won't go back to any other product, as nothing on the market compares. You have to try it, to believe it!" Steven Darling, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium - Wright State University
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20170808
ChopSaver for my dry lips "While I was on isotretinoin, nothing was working for my dry lips. ChopSaver not only made them feel better, but made them look perfectly normal again. I can’t thank you enough!" John Call
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150419
We Swear By It! "We use it and swear by it! A great product!" Jay Friedman and Chris Martin, Principal Trombone - Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Principal Trumpet - New York Philharmonic Orchestra
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150419
Fresh Chops "After a long day of playing I use ChopSaver. The next day, I am ready to go again with fresh chops. Thank you!!" Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone - New York Philharmonic
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20171029
How I Use ChopSaver "I have developed the use of ChopSaver into my daily routine over the course of about 7 years. Coming from the Dallas area and having worked in Florida for two years, I love the fact that the product line includes an SPF-included option, which can make a big difference. My year in Boston, with its brutal winter, also left me reaching for plenty of ChopSaver for a few months!

I like to use ChopSaver in some very specific ways, especially on the audition trail. If I know I’m playing a round the next day, I always apply it somewhat copiously at night right before I go to bed, accompanied by a lot of water. The next morning, my chops always feel fantastic! ChopSaver has become a bit of a safety blanket to me; I always rest easier knowing I won’t have to worry about dry or shriveled chops on the day it counts.

I also like to work ChopSaver into my pre-service routine here in the orchestra. I like to put it on about 20 minutes before I head out the door. I wipe it off right as I begin my warm-up at the hall, and my chops generally feel like they’ve gotten back to my preferred, comfortable base level. And I always keep a couple tubes in my locker at the hall!"
Derek Hawkes, Assistant Principal Trombone - Nashville Symphony via Photo courtesy of Toby Oft
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20170320 ChopSaver with Arnica!
Facebook and Instagram comments "So I didn't believe that this would help me when I first heard about it. My friend gave me a sample and I was hooked. I use this every rehearsal now and my chops don't get tired after 3 hours of playing."

"Just bought some earlier this week. BEST CHAPSTICK I'VE EVER USED! It's actually hydrating my lips and not leaving them greasy. I told all my band friends to get some. :) great product! 10 out of 10 will buy again"

"I have this and it's literally the best thing. I bought it for everyone in my clarinet section and everyone loves it. It's cheap and it actually works. Definitely will buy throughout my college band years."

"For all the people wondering if it will mess up your reed... it doesn't. I have played with this on a lot, and it has never caused issues. It is a nice product!"

"I got some and it works so well! I tried it on horn and mellophone and I had a very long lasting lip endurance."

"My trumpet section and I love this stuff. Great product that works fast and helps get through hours of playing."

"I use this and I'm a clarinet player it even helps us to play better!"

"This stuff is seriously worth it, my trombone has never sounded better! And, I could still feel my lips!"
Comments on Social Media from Band Students via Facebook & Instagram
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150419
In Brutal Weather "ChopSaver came in really handy during tonight’s game, especially with the snow and wind against our chops! We were able to keep up the spirit in the stadium and celebrate our victory!" University of Colorado Golden Buffalo Marching Band
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150419
Musical Freedom "Whether it's Bach, Bossa, Mozart, or Takemitsu, ChopSaver gives me the freedom I need to make music." Paula Robison, Professor of Flute - New England Conservatory of Music
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150419
SPF Protection for Marching Band "It's medicine, not just prevention! I always have ChopSaver on hand for my students. The SPF protection is important during marching band season. We stock our vending machine with it, and have to reorder regularly. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!" Bob Burns, Assistant Band Director - Avon High School – Avon, IN
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150417
Best in Cold Weather "ChopSaver is the best product out there for sore, chapped lips. I would never go through a Minnesota winter without it!" Bernhard Scully, Principal Horn - Professor of Horn – University of Illinois, Former Principal Horn – St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20141003 ChopSaver with Arnica!
Relief for a Cancer Patient "I have just finished radiation and chemo therapy for tongue cancer and have suffered horrendous dry lips and blisters. My lips are actually 90% better. It allowed me relief to sleep through the night. The petroleum based chap sticks and those with menthol and other concoctions just burned and made it worse. I can finally eat this morning. Thanks so much Dan Gosling for inventing this." S. Lewis via
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150417
My Search is Over "I tried many products over the years and had given up trying to find one. ChopSaver changed my mind and my chops feel better than ever." Pete Ellefson, Professor of Trombone - Indiana University
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150417 Ronald Romm
Great Overnight "When I apply it at night, by morning any chapping/soreness seems to be gone." Ronald Romm, Canadian Brass and Professor of Trumpet - University of Illinois
ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm 20150417
Fast Acting "ChopSaver quickly addresses any issues of dryness or irritation…a great product!" Philip Smith, Principal Trumpet – New York Philharmonic (Retired)