More Backyard Marketing

While this didn’t take nearly as much planning as the Flying Instrument Video from a few years back, it does a good job of getting our new message across – that ChopSaver isn’t just for musicians!

ChopSaver Customer Survey – April 2021

We did a survey of our customers and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to all who participated. Good afternoon friends. It’s Thursday. It’s two o’clock. That means it’s Facebook live with me, Dan Gosling, The ChopSaver Guy. Welcome today. We are actually in, we’re not in the kitchen, like we’ve been in the […]

Skin Product Safety with Chemist Tammy Lisi

ChopSaver creator Dan Gosling talks all thing skin care and ingredient safety with chemist Tammy Lisi. (Originally posted on Facebook Live March 25, 2021. Please forgive the audio/video mismatch. Full transcript below.) Dan Gosling: There she is! Tammy Lisi: So funny story. I had to do it on my phone, on my computer. Wasn’t working. […]

Dan and Noelle Tell All!

ChopSaver inventor Dan Gosling and his wife Noelle talk about entrepreneurship and marriage. (Originally recorded on Facebook Live on March 18, 2021. Full transcript below.) Dan Gosling: Okay. I think this time we’re on. Hey, everyone it’s Dan Gosling, The ChopSaver Guy, and it’s Thursday, right at this moment. It’s two o’clock Eastern time. This […]

User Generated Content Including a Video Testimonial from Sir James Galway

ChopSaver Guy Dan Gosling and his wife Noelle talk about testimonials from happy customers including the world famous flute virtuoso Sir James Galway. They also discuss the proper way to pose with your ChopSaver! (Originally posted on Facebook Live – Mar 11, 2021) Dan Gosling: Hi everyone, it’s Dan Gosling, the ChopSaver Guy. It’s 2:00 […]

The Home Office Tour

Be our guest as Dan Gosling, The ChopSaver Guy, shows you ChopSaver Headquarters aka his home! (This is from a Facebook Live broadcast, so please forgive the awkward start and end and the uneven video quality. It is live after all!)

New Product Ideas

Dan Gosling aka The ChopSaver Guy discusses some new product ideas in a video first seen on Instagram Live on Feb 25, 2021. There’s a multitude of ways we can expand our line from natural lip balm and SPF lip balm. We are looking into fragrance-free products as well as creams and lotions.

Notes from The ChopSaver Guy – No Petroleum!

ChopSaver inventor discusses why ChopSaver does NOT contain petroleum. (Recorded on Feb 18, 2021 on Instagram Live. Please forgive the low resolution. Full transcript below.) Hello everyone. My name is Dan Gosling. Also known as The ChopSaver Guy. I am doing a Instagram live here on February 18th. Most of the country is going through […]