Lip Issues? Trust a Trumpet Player

So you don’t play a brass or woodwind instrument. ChopSaver’s not meant for you, right?


  • Do you work outside? Is your “office” frigid in winters and sizzling hot in the summer?
  • Do your medications dry you out?
  • Do you enjoy hiking, biking, camping, or mountain climbing?
  • Are you a skier, snow boarder, or runner?

  • Do you play golf, tennis, or soccer?
  • Is your idea of a perfect day spent fishing on your boat or surfing the perfect wave?
  • Do you travel a lot, constantly going from plane to hotel to airport across different climates, often all in the same day?
  • Do you work in a dry, stuffy office?
  • Does your child complain about chapped lips?

If you answer to yes to any of these or you have dry, chapped lips, no matter the cause, then ChopSaver is absolutely for you. Try ChopSaver and you’ll understand why musicians (people upon whose jobs depend on healthy lips) and physicians (people whose job is to care for the well-being of others) all agree, nothing beats ChopSaver.

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

My name is Dan Gosling and I’m a professional trumpet player. I created Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Lip Care because no one needs healthy, functioning lips more than people like me. Chapped, swollen, irritated lips can ruin a performance which is why some of the greatest musicians in the world use ChopSaver. If it’s good enough for them, imagine how good your lips will look and feel when you use 100% Natural ChopSaver.

Already using a “natural” lip balm? Still not the same as ChopSaver. Heck, if any of those brands worked for me, I never would have invented ChopSaver. ChopSaver is so different, it’s endorsed by dermatologists across the country for their patients with chronic lip problems.

“I only use your product with my isotretinoin patients. Love, love, love it!!

Nancy Brown FNP-C  Casper, WY

“ChopSaver is the best lip balm I have ever tried, and my patients agree! Outstanding product!”

Jo Bohannon-Grant, MD  Midlothian, VA

“My patients love ChopSaver! Phenomenal product!” Evan Schlam, MD, Clinical Associate Professor in Dermatology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

ChopSaver is for anyone who wants to apply something natural and organic on their lips once or twice a day and be done with it. We don’t believe anyone should be “addicted to their chapstick.” If that’s how your lip balm makes you feel, then there’s something wrong with your lip balm!

Super smooth and long-lasting, ChopSaver, with its light citrus scent, is enjoyed by all kinds of people of all ages. With 100% Natural (the green one) or SPF 15 (the orange one) we’ve got you covered – literally, indoors or out. And soothed and moisturized too!

In the vast world of lip care, nothing is more healing, yet durable, than ChopSaver.  So don’t just buy another lip balm. Invest in healthy lips for life with ChopSaver!

Get Healthy Lips Here – Money Back Guarantee

What ChopSaver Fans Are Saying

  • "When we’re on the high seas, my mates and I are never without ChopSaver! There’s nothing better in the harsh elements that we deal with." -Rick Graef, Indianapolis, IN
  • "...heavy playing weeks, bad weather and long flights? No worries with ChopSaver." -Koichiro Yamamoto, Principal Trombone - Seattle Symphony Orchestra
  • "...a life saver and in my opinion the best lip salve there is on the market!" -Sir James Galway, World Renowned Flute Virtuoso