Better Sound in a Tube! From Beginner to Professional Healthy Lips = Healthy Sound

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ChopSaver for Band Directors

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Who uses ChopSaver? The greatest musicians in the world including:

  • The Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • The New York Philharmonic
  • The Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • The Blue Devils
  • LA Studio Musicians
  • Broadway Musicians…
  • and countless other world class artists like Arturo Sandoval and James Galway.

Your Students Deserve the ChopSaver Advantage!

Dan Gosling

Hi! My name is Dan Gosling and I am a professional trumpet player. I’m also a former band kid myself. I created ChopSaver to soothe and heal the lips of brass and wind players. The product was inspired by one of my students, who told me about the remarkable healing effects of an herb called arnica. So I combined arnica with other all-natural healing agents and moisturizers to create a lip care product unlike any other.

When is a good time for ChopSaver?

  • Beginning Band when young lips are just starting out
  • Contest Season when practice time as at its peak
  • Marching Season when weather becomes a factor
  • Solo and Ensemble – when nerves are high and fresh chops are so crucial to success!

In short, every season is ChopSaver season! To learn more, click here ( But don’t forget to fill out the form above and get some FREE samples to share with your students.

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